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March 2017 update: browsers are gradually removing support for Java applets. This is because Java is a big security risk, like Flash. Right now, I don't see what alternative technology one could use to have something like the Java Tuner run inside a browser. Java itself however is not going away anytime soon as far as I know, so there is always the possibility of running the Java Tuner applet outside the browser. Other possibilities are discussed here.
October 2005 update: the pages for JavaTuner have been slightly rearranged, and new features added to the newer JavaSound version of the applet.
June 2011: a calibration feature has been added to the JavaSound version.

The JavaTuner is a small Java applet that allows some experimentation with various tunings and temperaments (experimenting on a real instrument is orders of magnitude better of course), and that can be used as an electronic tuner and even as a tuning practice tool.

Caution: If you use this applet to tune an instrument, be sure to check that it generates correct frequencies; on a recent winXP machine, I see up to a semitone off-pitch! The best is to compare the generated A-440 with a tuning fork; I find this easiest with no harmonics ('0' in the applet). V2.5 now offers a "calibration" feature that can be used, esp. when invoking the JavaTuner stand-alone (ie. locally), to have the applet generate the intended frequencies once the applet itself has been "tuned". See the V2.5 page.

There are currently two version of the JavaTuner:

Wrt Internet Explorer: The main Java classes and the sun.audio classes are in C:/WINDOWS/java/Packages/EGEOJT3J.ZIP. Further info: http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/java/faq.asp. As I understand what I read there, the MS Java VM (MSJVM) is discontinued: "Going forward, Microsoft is not including the MSJVM in its software"; users are encouraged to migrate away from MSJVM. So probably no point worrying about it.

For IE users, one option is to install a recent Java run-time (JRE) from Sun, including the installation of the plug-in for the IE browser. This worked for me on my 3-years old WinXP. I suppose this could break other sites (if there are still any) that depend on MSJVM. Or maybe use FireFox instead! Or download Sun's Java run-time environment (JRE) and use the JavaTuner stand-alone, eg. with AppletViewer.

The latest Java run-time from Sun can be obtained here.

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