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2022-02: new tool available to translate between datums. 2020-03: fixed annoyance with Google API in GPS Visualizer. 2015-06: fixed "display" URLs for Google and GeoHack. 2014-04: new version with minor improvements (around GPS Visualizer interface).

lat/lon, UTM or MTM to Google maps (and others) interface

The conversion application on its own with short instructions (below). See utmgoogle.htm for full usage notes, and utmgoogleappQC.htm for a version supporting MTM for Quebec only.
Select ellipsoid:
Traverse Mercator: UTM     MTM Canada
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xTM Zone
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Usage in short:

There is also a bulk xTM to lat/lon conversion tool on the full page.

Version 3.8 Apr 2014. Back to home page. If there are any problems or suggestions, please contact me:  (français, English, Deutsch). If you wish to support this work, you can make donations via PayPal.