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There is no AI-generated content on this web site. It is not currently very mobile friendly, it predates iPhones and other mobile devices for most of its content. Maybe I can improve on this (with reasonable effort), but I'm not sure (I don't even have a smartphone to test with).

Main pages available here:

Email:  (français, English, Deutsch). Be patient, I don't check it often.

Very short notes on myself.

I was born in the Montreal area in the years after WW II, but then grew up in the Ottawa area. I have a B.Sc. in physics (Ottawa), and an M.Sc. in computer science (Edmonton). I worked a few years at the Communications Research Centre (Ottawa), then studied music a few years in Québec city where I met my future wife. We then spent seven years in Europe where I worked for Honeywell-Bull (Paris) and for CAP Gemini (Düsseldorf) while she completed her music studies. And we married in Cologne. On returning from Europe, we bought a house in Longueuil and I was hired by Nortel where I worked for the rest of my career, being sold first to Alcatel-Lucent (later merged with Nokia), and then to HCL, an Indian consulting firm. I am now retired and we live along the Richelieu river, south of Montreal. I now program mostly in Python, almost daily, to keep those neurons active! My interests are mainly in photography and geography, and when I was younger, music temperaments.

My wife, Chantale, studied organ first with sœur Pauline (Rimouski), then with Antoine Bouchard (Québec city, U Laval), and then in Europe with Odile Bailleux (Paris) and finally with Almut Rößler (Düsseldorf) where she completed her Konzertexamen. On returning from Europe, she was organist in Varennes and did replacements in many other churches. She is also now retired. We have one son, Mathieu, who studied piano at the Montréal conservatory, economics and math at McGill, and economics at UofT.

We can be reached at the email address above.


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