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Temperament resources on the Web

Very rough order: bibliographies, pages on temperaments, software, special topics. There is of course much overlap with what is discussed here, but with a different perspective, different way of saying things, and this often brings new insights. Also, it's certainly not up-to-date, there are probably many broken links now. Suggestions and corrections most welcome.

Other notes

The following are some notes on a few temperaments that may one day work their way into my "Understanding temperaments" text. Mostly adapted from email exchanges.

Lucy's tuning

This is (my understanding) a regular temperament, about half-way between Salinas and Aaron: both its major and minor thirds are similarly out of tune (a distinctive characteristic). All regular temperaments can be thought of as being a spiral of fifths which is another way of saying that they are "open" (in my context, because the way harpsichords and organs are typically built, I have limited myself to 12 notes, but more notes makes sense with this as well as all regular open temperaments).

As for its theoretical basis, I personally can't quite see how Pi can be related to music. Pi is from a two-dimensional spatial environment, music and sound happen in a one-dimensional time environment. But, I may just be blind (or deaf?)...

Lucy's temperament onto the JavaTuner (cent values to be entered):

    Note  Lucy   JavaTuner
    Name  Cents  Cents

    C     313.5  +13.5
    G    1009.0   +9.0
    D     504.5   +4.5
    A       0.0    0.0
    E     695.5   -4.5
    B     191.0   -9.0
    F#    886.5  -13.5
    C#    382.0  -18.0
    G#   1077.5  -22.5
    Eb    627.0  +27.0
    Bb    122.5  +22.5
    F     818.0  +18.0

    (first two columns from Lucy's pages)

Dave Goggin's irregular temperament


French temperament ordinaire


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