Eclipse lunaire du 25 mai 1975. Quatre photos (quatre négatifs) qui ont été publiées dans le Sky & Telescope d'octobre 1975. Un bon coup. At Hull in southern Quebec, perfect weather prevailed while Pierre and David Lewis followed the eclipse for four hours to obtain this unusual series. Every five minutes they exposed Panatomic-X film (ASA 32), beginning (top left) at 3:50 UT, 10 minutes before first umbral contact, and continuing to 7:45 UT, nine minutes after fourth contact. The first 15 exposures were at f/16, 1/8 to 1/2 second, the next nine to mid-tonality at f/2.8, 2 to 8 seconds; the third and fourth rows were exposed similarly, in reverse order. When deepest in the umbra, the moon was so dark as to be underexposed.

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