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This web site is not currently very mobile friendly. It predates iPhones and other mobile devices for most of its content. Maybe I can improve on this (with reasonable effort), but I'm not sure (I don't even have a smartphone to test with).

Main pages available here:

Email:  (franšais, English, Deutsch). Be patient, I don't check it often.

Update end 2020: This web site disappeared, on Oct 29, from my previous hosting provider. After six weeks, I finally got an explanation. Apparently they somehow dropped the ball as they were transferring all their sites to new servers. Perhaps mine was forgotten because I manage my domain myself directly with the registrar (which I chose because, in 2013, they forgot to renew my domain). So, in November, I switched to a new provider, Web Hosting Canada (whc.ca), and I was up and running within a few hours. I was lucky in having both a recent backup and control over my domain. Moral of the story: keep backups, and maybe also control of your domain!